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About Us

At Adaptive Travel Adventures, we enable outdoor wilderness experiences for people that require additional support, typically because of physical or mental limitations,  through a combination  of the right people, experience, and adaptive equipment.

We will make any destination available for anyone to experience no matter their abilities.

Our trips can include rugged back country hiking, exhilarating zip-treks through the trees, scenic kayak excursions, and everything in between. Our trips make the most incredible locations accessible and enjoyable for anyone.

We provide private or group trips tailored specifically to each client/group we work with. We handle everything and make sure our clients’ trip is exactly what they had hoped for.

Each trip is individually customized; from the level of luxury and level of challenge to the locations everything is specifically tailored. The sky’s the limit and our trip planners will help to create the perfect adventure for each person or group.

Our Mission

Adaptive Travel Adventures consists of a group of outdoor enthusiasts with 17 years experience making outdoor dreams reality.

Since the beginning through CRIS Adaptive Adventures, a non-profit society, it has been our mission to provide relief to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities by developing and implementing outdoor recreation programs that promote independence, assist with integration, reduce isolation and improve the mental well-being of these individuals.

Our purpose is to promote inclusion within society as well as improve overall well-being and quality of life for any person with a special need or compromising disability.

Where To?

Our trips primarily take place in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Saskatchewan), and the US Pacific Northwest  (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana)

Our backyard has a lot to offer. That said, if your dreams are bigger, do talk to us. We will partner with other organizations where need be, or work with you to build, prepare your skills with shorter duration trips.

We live in a 4 seasons playground, where the season at hand plays a big part in where we go, what travel and how that can be accomplished. Generally most people prefer the warmer seasons for most of their adventures, but let us know what’s in your bucket list. Experiences may be contained to within one day, or last several days.

The Team

The core team consists of people from a varied background – Recreational Therapist, Firefighter, Nurse, Technical geek all with a passion for the outdoors.

We recruit our trip team members from an equally diverse group paying close attention to the gifts they bring to a team in outdoor skills, Training, Certifications, and personalities.

Are you interested in volunteering with Adaptive Travel Adventures? To learn more about what we are looking for in regards to backgrounds and experience, please visit our Volunteer page.