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Plan Your Trip!

We provide Individual trips for one, small groups or large group adventures. All of our activities can be stand-alone trips or “à la carte” which allows you to choose more than one activity and put them together to make a trip. 

​We plan our trips according to 3 factors: Activity, Level of Challenge and Level of Luxury.

Once you choose what activities you would like to experience the categories “Level of Luxury” and “Level of Challenge” will help you delve further into what kind of trip you want.

Choose Your Adventure

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  • Zip lining
  • Rappelling
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Rock climbing


  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • White water rafting
  • Canoeing


  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Downhill skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Ice climbing

WHat Do YOU Want to Do?

What is your dream activity? You name it and our team will make it happen for you. Any location. Any ability!

Level of Challenge

We provide you with three different options for the level of challenge you would like to experience on your adventure. Whether you decide to do an “Easy” trip or try something “Challenging” you can feel confident that your comfort and safety is our primary concern.


These trips are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of anyone looking for leisurely day or multi-day outdoor experiences, or for those embarking on their first outdoor adventure. You can expect shorter casual trips that provide you with an introduction to the beauty of the wilderness while traveling on the most popular and scenic routes. If you are looking for a casual laid back experience or you’re apprehensive about being out in nature then this type of trip is for you.


Trips that are given a “Moderate” designation are perfect if you feel that an “Easy” or “Challenging” trip isn’t right for you. These trips are best suited to individuals with limited outdoor wilderness experience or those looking for more adventure than an “Easy” trip offers. Individuals will be challenged with longer day and multi-day activities, more challenging routes and increased exposure to the elements but will be rewarded by traveling through more remote areas with stunning scenery.


Challenging trips push the boundaries of what is perceived as possible by others. You can expect a higher degree of exposure to the elements on these activities while being provided with world-class views that far surmount the term extraordinary. To partake in these activities you should be willing to forego some of the creature comforts of your day to day life. Days can be long with minimal breaks. If you have a zest for adventure and love to face a challenge head on these trips are for you.

Level of Luxury

Our trips provide various options for accommodations, travel, and food. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel with a 5 star restaurant or in a tent with gourmet campfire cooking, we have a variety of different options available to meet your needs. All types of accommodations can be adapted, we make sure the accommodation meets your needs whatever they may be.

High End

If you want four or five star accommodations in a higher end hotel/resort this experience is for you. Instead of cooking by camp fire you will return to the luxury of your hotel where you can freshen up before dining in a local restaurant. With this level of experience you can enjoy a exhilarating hike or kayak during the day and come back to your hotel to enjoy all that it has to offer. Staying in a hotel/resort is great for those who want the comforts of home in the evening while enjoying the beauty of mother nature during the day. Individuals interested in a luxury experience will have the option of fine dining as well as restaurant dining. Accessible rooms are a major advantage to this level of experience. People enjoying these trips may have access to medical facilities as well as use of numerous amenities (spas, pools, gyms, etc.)


Do you like the idea of staying in a hotel or motel? Do you like the freedom of having your own accessible room? This level of luxury provides you with a vacation where you have access to many of the amenities of home.  This option allows you to partake in wilderness activities and come back to your own room to relax and enjoy standard comforts. This option provides you with the ability to eat at restaurants or cook your own food. Go on a day hike, experience the beauty of the region, and then fill the rest of your day with a variety of different options. This is the perfect choice for people who want a relaxing vacation, but don’t want to spend the amount of money to stay in a luxurious resort.


Our partnership with Hostelling International means you have access to cozy communal accommodations at a comfortable price. Hostels are the perfect fit for groups or individuals. Most hostels have large fully equipped kitchens and ample eating space. Curl up in front of a warm fire after a day in the mountains or enjoy a BBQ. All bedding and towels are included. Most hostels are equipped with electricity, running water and hot showers.


Cabins provide a unique wilderness experience that bridge the gap between being in the wild and having most of the conveniences of home. In this level of experience you will be provided with a warm bed, bathroom, kitchen and electricity. Being able to go on a hike and come back to your cabin for a campfire and evening of stories is a memory that will be hard to forget. Through this level of luxury you can feel shielded from the elements and enjoy the comfort of having a place to return to at the end of your day of exploring the best nature has to offer. This level of luxury is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to camp but wants a full wilderness experience.


Are you nervous about spending your entire stay in a tent? This is a great opportunity to experience tent camping and still have the comforts of a cabin when you want it. Numerous parks enable tourists to stay in cabins which provide a great way to spend some time sheltered from the wilderness. You will have little to no access to modern amenities (running water, electricity, heat, etc.) and all of your meals will be home made on camp fires and stoves. This type of trip is primarily self-supported (we carry in what we need with us for the duration of the trip). Staff attending these trips are trained in WIlderness First aid, beyond that there is generally limited medical assistance available. Bathroom facilities are limited, but outhouses are available. When necessary we will provide trained personal care assistants who are experienced in handling personal care needs in wilderness settings.


Do you want an authentic wilderness experience? Do you want to be able to boast that you braved the elements and “roughed it”? This level of luxury is a backcountry enthusiast’s dream. Stay in tents, sleep in sleeping bags, and cook over camp stoves and fires. If you are ready to experience tenting you are ready to experience some of the most breathtaking and serene locations mother nature has to offer. These trips offer remote settings and are generally completely self-supported. Medical assistance is not readily available (other than staff with wilderness first aid and various medical backgrounds). People should feel comfortable leaving modern amenities at home (lift systems, internet, computers, cellphones, showers etc.). Bathroom facilities are scarce and outhouses are considered a luxury.